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Launching Street Photography University

August 11, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I love photographing on the streets. My career
as a photographer is based on photographing people in urban environments and I've been lucky that Cinematic Portraits are so popular with actors, models and musicians. Street photography offers endless possibilities and endless challenges. It is real time decision making and problem solving. From dealing with ambient light, to composing shots that frame people against the background, to posing people so they are individual personalities interacting with their environment- I love street photography.

My other great love is teaching. Here in Dallas, I host MeetUps to connect photographers with models. Working along side photographers, some beginners and some pros, really teaches me what I know and don't know about my craft with a camera. On the other side of the lens are the models, and learning to poses them, and more important, to communicate what they look like on camera is a discipline I am determined to master.

Love of street photography and love of teaching... but surely you need a studio... su
rely you can't teach something as intuitive as street photography...

That is exactly what we will do. If you are in Dallas, Texas and would like to join us for one of our free MeetUps, or for one of our advanced paid workshop, then follow us on Facebook or MeetUp.com. We will have workshops teaching both photography and coaching modeling on the streets of Dallas, Texas and eventually traveling to cities across the country. I'm not opposed to traveling to other countries, if anybody wants to send me a plane ticket. Let's shoot!


FaceBook Group: Street Photography University

MeetUp Group in Dallas, Texas:




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